About Us

PIK is the largest Russian homebuilder and construction technology company that has been on the market since 1994 and specializes in comfort-class housing with all the necessary infrastructure. Since its inception, the company has built more than 25 million square meters of residential real estate, providing housing for more than 1 million people.

Global brand & quality

Being the largest real estate company in Europe and Russia by annual commissioning volume of housing, PIK brings a taste of high quality urban environments built with global expertise and state-of-art technology to each region & city.

Elevated living experience

PIK is a well-being company, we create self-sufficient urban environments that fill people's lives with social meaning: the sense of belonging to home and neighbourhood increases, the comfort zone expands far beyond the apartment itself, and a field for spontaneous creative self-realization appears naturally.

Technology company

We rely on proprietary ConTech and PropTech solutions — from design and project financing to fully online sales and rental management platforms. We consistently develop and implement innovative services in-house to fit all daily needs of our customers. This allows us to work more efficiently and greener, improve product quality and client experience, reducing both costs and environmental impact.
Sustained Development
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We've been building houses for you for 25 years
We've been building houses for you for 25 years
7 months ago
Salaryevo park | Courtyard | PIK
Salaryevo park | Courtyard | PIK
a year ago