According to the dividend policy adopted in 2017, The Company aims to pay out in the form of dividends at least 30% of operating cash flow (OCF) based on consolidated IFRS financial statements When considering a dividend recommendation, the Board of Directors will strive to maximise the amount to be paid, while taking into account the Company's cash requirements for debt repayments, compliance with covenants and capital expenditure
YearTotal dividends, RUB1Dividend per shareDate of payment
2019314 999 894 628,24 ₽22,71 ₽22.10.2020
2018314 999 894 628,24 ₽22,71 ₽5.07.2019
2017314 999 894 628,24 ₽22,71 ₽9.10.2018
2016Decision was not taken2No dividend was paid
2015Decision was not taken2No dividend was paid
2014Decision was not taken2No dividend was paid
201332 747 668 951,04 ₽4,16 ₽10.12.2014
1 — Total dividends declared on all ordinary shares, RUB2 — Decision to pay (declare) dividends by the Issuer was not taken3 — Time period not applicable. Dividends were paid as partial distribution of retained earnings for the preceding periods