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PIK Group was founded in 1994. Since that time, it has become one of the leading Russian developers of large-scale public housing projects in Moscow, Moscow Region and other Russian regions. The Group deals mostly in prefabricated panel construction, and its priority is construction and sale of affordable housing.

As of December 31, 2016, the Group’s land bank was 12.5 m sq. m. Since its inception, PIK Group has built about 17 m sq. m of residential real estate (more than 280,000 apartments). The company is on the list of strategic enterprises of the Russian economy.

Ресурс 25
PIK Group acquired Morton Group and became the leading Russian residential developer
The introduction of fundamentally new types of houses with improved aesthetic and consumer properties.
Ресурс 8
The Group was recognized by Euromoney, a British magazine, as the best developer of residential real estate in Russia.
Ресурс 3
The National Rating Agency (NRA) assigned an “A” credit rating to the Group.
Ресурс 4
Obtaining state guarantees from Russian Government.
Ресурс 7
Entry into the international financial market (successful IPO on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), RTS (Russian Trading System) and MICEX (Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange)
Ресурс 6
Acquisition of DSK-3 (Moscow Integrated House-Building Factory No. 3)
Ресурс 2
Entry into the markets of the Moscow and Rostov Regions
Acquisition of DSK-2 (Moscow Integrated House-Building Factory No. 2)
Ресурс 10
Launch of mortgage programs in cooperation with the Government of Moscow and partner banks
Ресурс 9
Establishment of Pervaya Ipotechnaya Kompaniya (PIK) (First Mortgage Company), a predecessor of PIK Group

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